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Blacksburg Immigration Attorney

Blacksburg Immigration Attorney

Jeffrey Van Doren PLLC

Whether your legal concern involves immigration or employment, it is important that you retain an attorney who has a precise understanding of the law and has a track record of resolving complicated legal issues.

Jeffrey Van Doren, PLLC, in Blacksburg, Virginia, represents individuals and businesses across the state and country in immigration law and employment and labor law matters.

Family Visas

Family immigration is the primary basis for legal immigration to the United States. We help families stay together!

Family Visas

Work Visas

 Immigration law provides many paths for workers to enter the US for employment. We help companies & individuals solve immigration problems!

Work Visas

Student Visas

An F-1 student visa permits international students to attend a U.S. college or university. We help students stay in the U.S.

Student Visas

Fiancé Visa

Fiancé visas and marriage visas allow the people we love to travel and stay in the US. We help couples solve immigration problems!

Fiance Visa

Wage & Hour Claims

Virginia employers are required to comply with state and federal employment laws. We help employees and business solve wage & hour claims.

Wage Claims

Wrongful Termination

It is illegal for you to be fired due to race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, religion, age, disability, or citizenship. We fight for you!

Employment Claims

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Assisting Clients With Immigration and Employment Law Issues

Our Blacksburg immigration attorneyJeffrey Van Doren, is highly trained and has more than 30 years of experience as an attorney. Retain him, and he will work to resolve your issues with the precision, understanding and work ethic of an experienced and motivated legal practitioner.

  • Helping immigrants realize their dreams. Through our immigration law practice, we help individuals, businesses and families to obtain H-1B visas, green cards and other permissions they need to live, work and thrive in this country legally. We also work with foreign nationals who have been arrested and now face jail time, detention, deportation and/or refusal of re-admission, to fight the charges and advocate for your privilege to remain in the country.
  • Resolving employer-employee issues. Through our employment and labor law practice, we help both employers and employees to resolve employment issues of all kinds.


“I have pleasure in recommending Jeff Van Doren for any/all immigration-related matters. I have known Jeff for over fifteen years and have used his services in obtaining green cards for all in our family thru employment visa. Jeff is knowledgeable, responsive and very easy to work with. He is detailed oriented and his fees are very reasonable.”
SATISH S., Immigration Client

“Working with Jeff was really good. I had always advice and answers promptly. Communication with him was always cordial and all the legal terms were clearly explained. I have no doubts I’d work with him every time I’d need legal services.”

ALEJANDRO N. , Immigration Client

“My experience with Jeff was awesome. He listens to my concerns with attention. I had the right lawyer and I came to the right law firm for help. I’d HIGHLY recommend and would use them again if the need arises. ‘One Stop Place’ for your all legal concerns.”

SACHIN G., Client
“Jeffery Van Doren is the best lawyer anyone could ask for. He helped answer all my questions and made me feel at ease with my doubts. Jeffery is very attentive to his clients and made my journey to getting my citizenship go very smoothly.”
GUADALUPE V., Immigration Client

Immigration & Employment Law Information

Helpful immigration news and information.

US Citizenship through Derivation

May 27th, 2020|

The Child Citizenship Act became law on February 26, 2001. This means that a foreign national who is 18 years old or younger on or after this date is able to derive US citizenship from his or her parent. Derivation v. Acquisition Foreign nationals interested in applying for naturalization to [...]

The Perks of US Citizenship

March 27th, 2020|

If you feel ready to become an American citizen by braving the naturalization process, it will serve you well to consult an immigration lawyer. One of the things you need to determine before applying is if you are actually eligible to apply for citizenship. There are some risks in a [...]