EB-1 Immigrant Visa Attorney in Blacksburg, Virginia

Millions of people wait for their US immigration visas to be approved, both in employment-based and family-based categories. Many wait years for approval, and many still are rejected. Among employment-based workers, highly desirable “priority workers” are able to more easily enter the country and eventually become lawful permanent residents or citizens. Our experienced Blacksburg EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Immigrant Visa Attorney can help you take your steps along the path to US citizenship.

Jeffrey Van Doren has been working for 30 years to help immigrants realize their dreams. Hiring him ensures you have everything you need to thrive in the country legally. Call our Blacksburg immigration law firm today to schedule a consultation. 

Why Apply as a Priority Worker?

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Persons with extraordinary ability have first preference among all other employment-based visas. One of the benefits of being eligible in this category is that you do not need labor certification nor an offer of employment! If you believe that you qualify as a person with extraordinary ability, call us! Our Blacksburg immigration attorney is happy to help you reach your immigration dreams. 

Who Qualifies as Priority Workers?

There are three categories of persons who qualify under an EB-1 visa: 

Persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, such as those whose abilities have earned them national or international acclaim.

Outstanding professors and researchers with at least three years of working in their profession, have earned international acclaim, and plan to immigrate to this country to pursue tenure or a comparable research job. Unlike the first category, persons who fall under this category need a sponsor employer to file a Form I-140. 

Multinational executives or managers who have spent at least one of the last three years working for a U.S. company with a branch, subsidiary, parent, or affiliate abroad. The applicant must have held a managerial or executive role during their time and plan to return to this country with the same role.

USCIS receives millions of visa petitions, and has millions more awaiting decision. If you wish to immigrate to the US via the employment route, being a priority worker makes the process so much easier. If you want to confirm whether you qualify under the above categories, get in touch with our savvy Blacksburg EB-1 visa attorney today!

How Long Does it Take to Get the EB1 Visa?

You will need to file a Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker.  

Waiting times for US visas are notoriously long. The USCIS office backlogs are the main factor affecting processing times. In general, you can expect USCIS to decide on your case within 4-15 months. However, most petitioners only have to wait six months for their petitions to be processed. 

EB1 visa categories usually have a faster application process than other employment-based visas because they do not need to go through labor certification. After submission of your petition, you can expect the following notifications from USCIS: 

  • Confirmation of receipt of your petition
  • If applicable, a notice of biometric appointment
  • If a visa interview is required, you will be given notice.
  • Notice of decision, either denial or approval

Mistakes in your petition may be cause to deny your petition. A single mistake can cost you precious time, the time you wasted with your initial application along with the time to redo it. Ensure that everything is in order by retaining our dedicated Blacksburg EB1 visa attorney. Contact our office today to learn more!

Can I Bring My Family?

Once your I-140 petition gets approved, your spouse and unmarried minor children can also apply for immigration into the US. They can apply for admission under the E-14 or E-15 immigrant status, respectively. 

How to Prove “Extraordinary Ability”

If you apply for an EB1 visa under this classification, you must show that you have exceptional talent. This means you can demonstrate that you are among the top one percent of experts in your industry and have gained international or national acclaim. Aside from this, you also need to prove that you will continue working in the same field once you immigrate. 

If you earn a one-time outstanding achievement with an internationally-recognized award such as an Olympic Medal, Nobel Prize, or Academy Award, that can be sufficient to prove your extraordinary ability. You can also provide three of the ten criteria as follows: