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As goods and services are sold increasingly across national borders, the demand for skilled workers is also increasing. U.S. employers need to hire the best workers for a given job, whether or not they are U.S. citizens.

This reality poses challenges and benefits to U.S. companies who need to hire skilled workers, and the skilled workers who wish to work here, either temporarily or permanently.

Why You Need An Experienced Roanoke Employment Visa Attorney

At Jeffrey Van Doren, PLLC, in Blacksburg, Virginia, we represent individuals and businesses in immigration and employment matters. Our firm has 30 years of combined attorney practice experience, and more than 25 years of experience in immigration matters.

Why is this experience important? Because it gets results. Our founding attorney, Jeffrey Van Doren, has helped thousands of clients obtain green cards and work visas. He understands the immigration and naturalization system and makes it work for both business employer and employee clients. As a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer, he can make a crucial difference in whether the employment visa you seek is accepted or rejected.

End Your Skilled Worker Shortage | Get Your Dream Job In The U.S.

Our law firm provides visa assistance to employers and prospective employees in a variety of businesses. However, we devote a special focus to the needs of technology employees and employers.

Depending on your needs and the nature of your request, we can save you time, money and frustration in obtaining these and other employment-related visas:

  • H-1B visas for workers in specialty occupationsVirginia Immigration Lawyer
  • L-1 visas for employees transferring within companies
  • TN visas for Mexican and Canadian workers in a profession defined by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • E-1 visa for treaty traders
  • E-2 visas for treaty investors
  • B-1 and B-2 visitor and business visas
  • H-2 visas for temporary or seasonal workers
  • O visas for employees of extraordinary ability, their assistants and dependents

If it is your desire to remain in the U.S. long-term, Jeffrey Van Doren PLLC can also help you with your employment-based green card application. We can assist with:

  • Labor certification (PERM) applications in the employment-based second and third preference (EB-2 or EB-3) categories
  • Outstanding Professor or Researcher or Multi-National Executive petition in the employment-based first preference (EB-1) category
  • National interest waiver applications
  • Green cards for clergy or other special immigrant religious workers

Reunite Your Family, Become Naturalized | A Family Visa Is A Good First Step

If you have a foreign spouse, family member or other loved one in need of permanent residence, Jeffrey Van Doren, PLLC, can also help you obtain a green card, adjustment of status, fiance (K-1) visa, marriage for nonimmigrant (K-3) visas, marriage (IR1, CR1) visas or other permissions. Our lawyer can also help you take steps to complete consular processing of visas in a country of origin, achieve deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA), and provide guidance through the naturalization and citizenship processes.

Protect Yourself From Removal/Deportation After A Criminal Charge

Jeffrey Van Doren, PLLC, also helps noncitizens who face criminal penalties, detention and/or deportation as a result of an arrest. Attorney Van Doren can work with your criminal lawyer to help minimize the impact of your arrest on your immigration status. He can also represent you in deportation and removal proceedings, seek immigration bonds for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees, and pursue provisional waivers and waiver appeals.

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